Here’s a collection of experiments and prototypes that I’ve made. Most of these are pre-alpha.


Screenshot 2014-10-02 14.01.20Screenshot 2014-10-02 14.03.17

For this experiment I my goal was to create a constructive experience which gives players a sense of connecting with something larger than themselves. I ended up making a tree planting game.


Screenshot 2014-10-02 14.22.18 Screenshot 2014-10-02 14.22.25 Screenshot 2014-10-02 14.23.16

In this experiment, I really wanted to make a game that explores short term memory loss. While this game doesn’t quite get to the point where the short term memory loss can be addressed, it does achieve a sense of bewilderment and ennui, which I’m very proud of. I definitely plan to touch this one again in the future.


Screenshot 2014-10-02 14.39.35Screenshot 2014-10-02 14.40.33

For this game a friend and I set out to create a game where sound is the only input. What we ended up with was an incredibly buggy and hilarious game about a Cat Monk climbing a mountain to fight a dragon. The player must move platforms up and down by saying “ommm” at different volumes.


Screenshot 2014-10-02 14.44.15Screenshot 2014-10-02 14.47.11

For this experiment my goal was to create a game that explores the way emotions effect each other. So, I made a game about kids playing blocks together in preschool.