Shipped Games

ABCMOUSE.COM – First and Second Grade

// role: Junior Game Designer

// company: Age of Learning

amcmouselog is a digital education platform for kids in second grade and under with thousands of learning activities including games, storybooks, animations, and more.


For this project I wrote game design documents for over one hundred mini-games that teach curriculum topics including math, science, english and history. I pitched these games to head of the curriculum department and the head of the content department. I then oversaw their development through the production pipeline. I designed approximately one quarter of the total games on the first grade and second grade sections of



//  role: Unity Engineer

// company: Emblematic/Virtual Pye Dog


Formula 1 is a virtual reality experience commissioned by Standard Chartered Bank. For the experience we used a custom virtual reality headset in conjunction with PhaseSpace motion capture technology to let players race a Formula 1 car around the Singapore Grand Prix track.


On the project I predominantly wrote C# scripts for timed events, triggered events and animations. I also imported and edited character and car animations using unity’s mechanim animation system. In addition to these tasks, I also 3D modeled and rigged the steering wheel and the hands of the driver, created and edited car textures and 3D models for various car, race track and character assets, and diagrammed step by step character movements for the motion capture of a Formula 1 pit crew.



//  role: 3D Artist/Level Designer

// company: Psychic Bunny in partnership with USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies


DICE-T is part of an interactive, multimedia experience designed to train soldiers to identify potential threats in hostile environments, plan patrol routes and interact with civilians in war zones.


While working on the project I predominantly worked on 3D modeling and texturing environmental and character assets including weapons, market stalls and vegetation. I also assisted in the level design of a marketplace area and placed background assets, such as trees and bushes.


Click to access DICE-T_Overview.pdf


// role: QA Tester

// Company: Psychic Bunny


An interactive audio adventure game in which players eavesdrop, manipulate and connect characters in the distant, apocalyptic future with the end goal of saving the world.


For the project I provided quality assurance testing midway through development, letting the designers know about any crash bugs, slowdown or glitches.